Culinary Basics:

Knife Skills

Start chopping and get a certificate after finishing this course!


Learning to use a knife will radically change your kitchen experience. But don’t worry, the more practice you get, the more comfortable you’ll feel with using your knife, and the better you’ll be at cooking.


Class will begin with an introduction to mise en place and proper knife handling techniques. You will then go into a variety of knife cuts including dice, julienne, brunoise, and a few more uncommon cuts. Throughout the course you'll learn how to organize your work space as well as various applications for the cuts based on the video you will find in the slides. ‌


This course is learning at your own pace. Once purchased, you will then have an access to your virtual classroom and will be guided by your experienced instructors.

Type of Training: Asynchronous Learning

Duration: 1 Month Access

Php 1,500 for Philippine Residents
$30 for international residents can be paid thru PayPal

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